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Good Girl: Meredith & Spencer – Chapter 1

To my followers:  I’m starting a new set of stories, maybe someday it will become a book.
There will be more character development and plot structure than in my past posts, but I promise there will still be lots of kinky sex, leaning toward a D/s dynamic.
I hope you enjoy it as much as my fantasies, and as always,
I appreciate any comments that will help me to become a better writer.

Coming home

It was a Thursday afternoon, and Meredith could not stop thinking about her upcoming weekend.  Staring at her laptop screen, unable to make sense of the spreadsheet in front of her, she pulled out her cell phone to send a message to her boyfriend.

I can’t focus on anything.  I’m so excited about this weekend

His response was immediate, which made her smile, thinking of him dropping everything to read her text.

Me too baby girl
Can’t stop checking the clock

She and Spencer had been dating for almost two years.  Their long distance romance was punctuated by several breakups and makeups.  Neither of them willing to move, but both unable to live without the other, they had settled into a routine, trading turns visiting each other on weekends, talking and texting at all hours of the day and night, and enjoying more than a few video chats that involved very few clothes, and plenty of fun.


A few months earlier, Meredith had been feeling frustrated again about the future.  They both had good jobs that neither wanted to lose, but it felt ludicrous for her to give up her job, friends, and her home to move to a city where she knew only him.  He at least had roots in Columbus, and his job, managing a large electronics store, seemed one that could easily be replaced. He could even, possibly be transferred.  But he wouldn’t even discuss it. She knew he didn’t feel that she could ask him to turn his life upside down any more than he could hers.

She wanted to sleep next to him every night and make his breakfast every morning.  She no longer contemplated a life without him, because that seemed as impossible as giving up air. Her anxiety turned to resolve one evening after a short phone conversation. Too short.  Leaving her wanting.

She laid awake for hours thinking about how she might make it work, if she decided to move to Cincinnati.  His friend Tony had told her that he was looking for a bookkeeper at his landscaping business, and that he could probably pay her the same wage she was currently making.  She could definitely sell her condo. She’d gotten four offers alone during the last year, so that didn’t seem to be a hurdle.  She’d have to give the bakery a month’s notice, so she could train a replacement.  Amber, her assistant, might even be up to the task, but if she refused, having Amber there to help would make training a new hire that much easier.

Her friends would take it hard, but they’d visit, it wouldn’t be like moving out of state.  Her mom was already three hours away, another hour wouldn’t really make a difference.

As she realized her thoughts had turned to plans, she couldn’t wait a minute longer to tell Spencer.  She glanced at the clock, it was after 1am. Hesitating only a moment, she grabbed her cell, knowing he rarely minded a late night call. But, she was surprised when he answered on the first ring.

“What’s up, babe?”
“I can’t sleep.  I miss you…”
“Me too.  I wish I were there.”
“I’ve been thinking about moving there.”

She got nervous when he didn’t say anything, but decided to continue. “Tony pretty much offered me that job last week, and I know I could sell my condo pretty quickly.  I’d have to train Amber to take over at the bakery, or maybe find a replacement if she’s not up to it.  I think I could move there within the next couple of months.”

The silence on the line was heartbreaking.  She got very nervous, and muttered, “Unless you don’t want me there.”

“Stop that.” He growled, “You know I do.”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, wishing he was there to put his arms around her, and kiss away her insecurities.

“Is that really what you want?  To move here?  In the past, you’ve always been so set on me moving there.”  His voice, so low and smooth, did almost as much as his arms would have.  She felt her chest relax, and she sighed.

“I want to be together. I want to fall asleep and wake up every day beside you. I can’t wait for things to change any longer, so I want to change them.”

She took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she had to say next. The hurdle of distance had prevented them from having this conversation before, but she had to know. “I want to plan a future with you, but we can’t do that while living separate lives.”

“I want that too, more than you know.”

She exhaled a huge breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, and waited for more.

She listened to his breath before he finally spoke again. “You’re willing to turn your life upside down?  To be with me?” His voice was strained, and she wondered how it was possible that he had so little confidence in her love of him.

“Yes! I love you. Honestly, Spencer, I actually can’t believe I’m just now making this decision.  ….I wish we were together right now.  I think this moment would be even happier.” She sighed again.

“Come open your door and we’ll see,” Spencer chuckled.

“What?!” Meredith jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to her front door. She glimpsed through the peep hole and sure enough, Spencer was standing there with his phone in one hand and a duffle bag and flowers in the other.

She threw open the door and jumped into his arms. He dropped his bag to catch her, laughing and ending the call on his phone.  Kicking the bag in, and tossing his phone and the flowers on the table, he turned and closed the door, pressing her back against it.

“What are you doing here?” She squealed.

“Well, it seems we both had the same thoughts this evening, baby girl.” He pressed his lips to hers, and groaned against her mouth. “It is so good to be home,” he whispered before thrusting his tongue into her mouth and grinding his growing erection against her naked pussy.  “I’m so glad you sleep without panties,” he sighed.

He lifted her slightly so he could slide his fingers beneath her, across her folds, wet already, most likely just from talking to him on the phone.  “My girl is always ready for me.”  Lowering the waistband of his athletic pants, he pulled his now hard cock free and pressed the tip against her.  “You wanna talk first or fuck first,” he asked, rhetorically before sliding her down the length of his manhood.

She moaned at the exquisite fullness, his thick shaft perfectly suited for her.  He held her in place, even though she wanted to move, while he kissed and licked her neck before nibbling on her jaw. “Take this off,” he whispered, grabbing the strap of her nightie.

She complied quickly, as she always did, hungry for his command, ready to please him in any way, and not giving even one thought about the windows next to front door.  “Hang onto the top of the door frame,” he said, his voice sinking lower making her quiver and clench.  She reached up behind her, and clung with the tips of her fingers, preparing herself for what she knew she was about to take place.  Desperate for it to begin, she began rocking her hips.

He shrugged off his jacket and tore off his t-shirt, revealing his toned and tan chest beneath.  The curly blond hairs sparkling in the low light coming down the hall.  She adored his body, and couldn’t wait to see it and worship it every day.

“Stop that,” he rumbled, as she had picked up the pace with her hips. “I’m going to fuck that little pussy until you scream, but I want to play first.” He smiled up at her as he backed away from the door a bit so that he had more access to her breasts.

She obeyed and watched as he rolled her nipples between his fingers, pinching and pulling at them until she cried out.  Then taking one in his mouth, sucking and nibbling, he slid one hand between their bodies to the heavenly junction where they met.  He captured her clit between two fingers and began rubbing in circles.  Her muscles clenched and a noise escaped her throat and grew louder as his hand worked in sync with his mouth.

His other hand made its way back and down her behind, sliding between her ass cheeks until it circled and slipped inside the hole he was already filling.  She groaned at the added bulk, and then whimpered as he removed it and spread her silky wetness up onto her other hole.

He pressed his finger in, and she cried out at the invasion.  His hands and mouth and cock fell into rhythm, and the assault on her body was nearly too much pleasure to take.  She felt the waves building, pushing her up the wall, electricity pumping through her until she thought she might explode.

“Don’t cum yet, look at me,” he groaned, and she opened her eyes to focus on his.  So beautiful, crystal blue like pool water, with a darkness beneath that you could get lost in.  “I wanna cum with you.  You’re so fucking beautiful, baby girl.”

She grinned and started moving with him, meeting his pace, fighting against her own climax to heighten his.  She clenched and tightened, he kneaded and fucked.  “God, I love being inside you,” he breathed, and his words pressed her higher, teetering on the edge.

His dick twitched inside her and she let go, their bodies rocking and exploding. His fingers never quit, and he wrung her out, pulling every tremor out of her until she unexpectedly climaxed again, collapsing against him as his own legs failed him and they dropped to the floor.

“I love making you cum, babe.” He whispered into her hair as they caught their breath.
“You do it well, Sir,” she smiled up at him, but was desperate to hear the phrase she loved more than anything.
“So do you, my good girl,” he growled.
“I love it when you call me that.”
“I know you do.”
“Oh… Why do you think…?”
“Cause it makes you feel safe, taken care of.”
“Mmm-hmmm,” she sighed, feeling incredibly safe and taken care of.
“I like it when you call me Sir.” She looked up at him before propping herself on an elbow.
“You do?” She’d never really thought about it before, but she did tend to call him Sir, especially before, during and after sex.  When he was commanding and she wanted to please him.
“Yeah, and I especially like it when you let me tell you what to do, and pose you.” He traced her lips with his finger before flipping her onto her back and lying on top of her. “You trust me in a way that no one ever has.”
She giggled, “Yeah, right from that first night!  You must’ve thought I was so naïve.”
“No. I thought I won the lottery.” He smiled and lowered his lips to her, kissing her softly and sweetly.
When he pulled back, she sighed, smiling up at him. “I love you so much… Sir.”
“Good girl,” he chuckled.  “I love you, too.” He said softly, and gave her a swift peck before standing, “Let’s get off this floor, before both of us get bad backs.”

As he helped her stand, she shivered, the cold night air making chills spills down her back. He picked up his jacket and wrapped it around her, and guided her back to her bedroom. “We’ve got some stuff to discuss.”


Meredith snapped back to reality, her trip down memory lane leaving a sultry smile on her lips, as she ran her fingers over them.  She glanced back down at her phone and was surprised to see nearly 30 minutes had lapsed.  She sat her phone down and straightened up to concentrate on her computer screen. In a little more than 20 hours, the love of her life would be with her every night!!

Right then, he was packing up his life to move into hers. Into her town, her home, her bed. She still couldn’t believe it!

He was coming home.

….Now, check out Chapter 2!



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