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Reclining by MTJforever via DeviantArt.com

As I kissed Samuel goodbye, he pulled me down on top of him, giving me that sexy smirk that always gets me. “Don’t go yet, baby. If you stay, I’ll make it worth your while…”

“I have to go, Sammy. You know I do.” I stroked his scruffy cheek with my knuckles and stared into his sad, grey eyes. “Don’t look at me that way. I’m already on thin ice. If anyone finds out about us, I will lose my job.”

I pressed my lips to his and let his tongue slip inside my mouth. I loved his kisses so much, for a moment I almost didn’t care about losing my job. But a three figure salary is hard to come by, these days. Regardless of whether I was falling in love with my assistant or not.

As I pulled back, he held me tight. I sighed and touched my forehead to his, “Samuel…”
“I want to quit, Lex. If I quit, we can be together.”
“No. I won’t let you give up the tuition reimbursement you’ve busted your ass to get for the last 22 months. In a few more months, you’ll put in for a promotion and we’ll be free to do what we want. Let’s not fuck that up.”

Groaning his assent, he finally released me. After I stood, I stroked his cheek again, his soft, three days of growth tickling my fingers. “I love you, Sammy. We will be together… If that’s what you really want. But for now, let’s stick to the plan.”

He rose, enveloping me in his arms and bent to whisper in my ear, “We already are together, baby. You are mine, despite my inability to claim you publicly.” His breath trailed across my ear and down my neck before he sank his teeth into my skin, sending tremors throughout my body.

“Fuck, Sammy… You do know how to make a mess of me.”

His hand snaked up into my hair and he yanked my head back, “I’ve got to leave my mark somehow,” he growled before kissing me and pressing into me so that I could feel that I was making a mess of him as well.

If I’d allowed myself the moment to think, I would’ve made the smart decision.

But that night, my body and heart did not allow my brain that moment. As I pushed him back onto his couch, and stripped off my shirt, his delicious cock was the only thing on my mind.

He gaped at me for only a second before grabbing my hand and pulling me to straddle him. “God, I love you, babe,” he whispered in my hair while his hands explored my curves. “And if fucking you is the only way I can show it, I’m going to fuck you till you forget and then fuck you till you remember.”

And, that he did. When I woke, I was so sore, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk. Somehow, we’d ended up on his kitchen table and as I stood, I actually felt sure he had bruised my cervix. I had bite marks on my breasts and upper thigh. My head hurt like he pounded me into a wall… Oh, he did.

“Damn you, you luscious man,” I breathed, as I made my way to a cabinet to get some Motrin.

It was still early, but when I saw the time, I started to panick.

Samuel lived in the apartment building down the block from our office. Generally, I would leave my car parked in the garage, and walk down with a few coworkers to have a drink or two at this pub down the street. Before the others left, Samuel would take off, and I was almost always the last to leave. That way, no one had a clue what my plans really were.

I’d noticed the mail guy, Duane, was still there when I left a few times, but I knew he rode a bicycle to work every day, so he wouldn’t notice my car, still parked in the garage. Or so I thought.

I quickly dressed and tried to make myself look as though I hadn’t been fucked sideways for the last five hours. When I bent to kiss Sammy on the forehead, he mumbled something about my pussy, and I smiled at the thought of him having raunchy dreams about me.

Ducking out the side entrance of the building, as I generally do, I walked quickly up the alley. It was well before sunrise, and I practiced the lie I would tell if anyone asked about my car being in the garage all night. I searched my purse for my keys, but when I reached the end of the alley, I ran directly into the chest of that creep, Duane.


Brick wall by madguru via DeviantArt.com

He was tall and lanky, the long haired but nerdy type, but he didn’t flinch at all when I plowed into him. When I looked up, the grin on his lips seemed a lot like a sneer, and his eyes were positively alive with internal laughter.

“Ms. Reynolds,” he said in that gravelly voice that always made me uneasy. “What on earth has you out this late… Your studly assistant’s cock, no doubt.”

I feigned complete shock and disgust. “Duane, now, please. You know it is against company policy for me to fraternize with my assistant!” I was a pretty good liar. I’d gotten myself out of plenty of tight spots in my thirty something years. I wasn’t going to let this 28 year old dork bowl me over.

“I felt a little sick after I left the pub. One too many cocktails, I suppose. Samuel was kind enough to let me sleep it off, on his sofa.”

Duane chuckled and this time, his sneer was completely obvious. “Please don’t lie, Alexis. You definitely weren’t sleeping on that sofa with Sammy.” Just then, I noticed his phone in his hand. He turned it to face me, and I watched as the amazing sexcapades I had just revelled in, played out, in full color, on that little screen in his hand.

“I really would have thought the two of you would be smart enough to realize you were perfectly visible from the fire escape. I really would have thought that you, Alexis, would know better than to get into this kind of predicament.”

I stood gaping at him before snatching the phone from his hand. “Before you smash it, and have to replace it, that video is already attached to an email. A message that will be sent out to your boss in exactly two hours, unless I stop it.”

God, his voice was evil. I wanted to spit in his face. I wanted to run back up to Samuel and tell him to beat the loser to a pulp. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

“What do you want, prick? …A promotion? …Money? …Just tell me.” I could feel the tears starting to build. I was never any good at confrontation. I was even worse in desperate situations. “Just tell me, you can have whatever you want. Just leave Sammy out of it.”

He laughed loudly and suddenly grabbed me by the neck. His strength was so surprising that I was coughing and gasping before I realized my toes were no longer on the ground.

“I will have exactly what I want, you snotty, little slut. What I’ve always wanted! You don’t even remember, do you? Turning me down… Telling me you don’t date coworkers. You’re a forgetful little bitch, aren’t you. But now, you’re going to suck my cock whenever I want! I’m gonna fuck every hole in your pretty little body, and then, my friends are gonna pay me, so they can have a turn, as well.”

He set me back on my feet and backed me against the brick wall behind me. I clawed at his fingers, trying to free myself from his grip, but feeling something along with the fear that I didn’t understand. He pressed against me, and I could feel his erection rubbing against my belly as he loosened his grip on my neck. “Don’t fight me, Lex. It will be worse if you fight me.”

His breath in my hair made my skin crawl, yet not in repulsion. I still wanted to spit in his face, but I also wanted to lick it. When his hand left my throat and skimmed down over my breasts, belly and skirt, I tried hard to tell myself it wasn’t worth it. That Samuel and I would find new jobs. But when his fingers slipped under my hem and between my thighs, he breathed the words in my ear that made me incapable of saying no.

“Good girl… Do you agree to my terms? Or should I let the email go?” His fingers pulled my damp panties to the side before sliding up and down my slit. “God, you’re so wet, you little slut. Are you actually turned on by me blackmailing you?” His voice was softer, and I wanted to scream, ‘No, never, you disgust me, you fucking spineless pervert!’

But all that came out of my mouth was, “Yes, Sir.”

The smile that curled his lips was villainous. I hated my body for betraying me. It seemed to always betray me. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them clean. All I could do was stare at him, nauseous and aroused at the same time.

“You and one friend. One time each,” I whispered, trying to hold onto some semblance of self respect.

“Me, as many times as I like, until your boy gets his promotion, and five of my friends… Once.”

“No… I can’t do five.” And then, I started to cry.

I hated myself with a passion in that moment. A moment when I needed to project strength and negotiate terms with this psychopath. Instead, I prove that I am just a girl. A scared, little girl. I covered my face and tried to take a few deep breaths to calm myself. When he peeled my hands away, I expected to see that awful, smug, sneer on his lips. But it wasn’t there.

“Two. Guys Samuel doesn’t know. He won’t find out, I promise.”

Whatever the change was, whatever my tears did to him, I wondered if I should try to press my luck, if maybe Duane really wasn’t the prick he’d been acting like. But then, the sneer returned, and he whispered, “And it starts today. I’m going to walk you back to your car and you’re going to suck my cock like the dirty little whore you are.”

I couldn’t say or do anything. I only nodded, trembling and having awful thoughts about what else he might do to me during the length of this arrangement. Awful, but exciting.


I cried hard as we walked through the garage to my car, while he stopped the email from sending and supposedly deleted the video. I was sure he didn’t, and that he would watch it over and over, at his leisure.  The thought made me nauseous and uneasy, but imagining him pleasuring himself while he watched me get fucked nine different ways, was uncomfortably arousing. I was mortified, turned on, and ridiculously confused.

I wondered if he’d followed me before. If he’d watched, or worse, taken video of Samuel and I on different nights.  I thought back to a night, a few weeks before, when he’d pressed me against that stupid window to the fire escape and fucked my ass. I was so turned on at the time about the idea of someone out there watching… What if Duane had been out there that night, hiding?

When we got into my car, I sat back in the drivers seat, tears still flowing, and gripped the steering wheel for a moment. He turned, in the passenger seat, and reached toward me to wipe my cheeks with his thumb. “You can’t do this every time.” His voice was different, again. But his face remained hard. “Good girls don’t cry.”

How he knew the perfect thing to say, I have no idea. But the tears stopped. I sat baffled for a minute, wondering how this creepy, long-haired, messenger had weaseled his way into my head. I took a deep breath and leaned over him to the passenger automatic seat controls, pressing the seat all the way back so that I’d fit on the floor board in front of him. I reclined the back slightly, and stared into his eyes wondering what had made him like this. Hard and cold.

I hiked up my skirt and straddled him, realizing he’d gone soft and not wanting to suck on him any longer than necessary. I watched the concrete expression on his face disappear as I unbuttoned my blouse to reveal the pretty, hot pink bra that Samuel always loved. He lifted his fingers to skim over the fabric and I threw my head back at the thrill of his touch.

I started to rationalize that my attraction to him was simply a defense mechanism. My mind couldn’t handle the thought of this creep touching me so it tricked me into wanting it.

“Samuel likes to leave his mark, doesn’t he?” He breathing, his fingers trailing the bite marks he had given me earlier. Drawing my attention to them set my mind spinning again. With guilt, humiliation, and fear mixing with his touch and creating a heady cocktail swimming through me.

He pulled down the lace exposing my nipple, and immediately licked and sucked, while groaning his love of tits. I really didn’t want it to, but it felt so, fucking, good that I sighed and arched against his mouth.

I was grinding against his growing cock in no time. He felt very big, and I contemplated just asking if I could ride it. But after the ridiculous fucking that Samuel had just administered, hours before, I was pretty sure it would hurt. Maybe, the combination of pain and pleasure would be heavenly…

His fingers slid between us and under my panties. He teased my clit like he’d done it a thousand times before. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, trying to pretend he was my Samuel. “Stop it, little girl. Look at me, and don’t pretend it’s anybody but me.”

My eyes flew open, and I couldn’t understand how he knew, how he was so deep into my mind that he could sense my thoughts. The look on his face erased everything, though. He was in ecstasy, making me writhe against his long, thin fingers and his obviously large cock, straining against his khakis. He slipped his other hand into my hair and pulled my lips to his.

I didn’t want to kiss him, but his tongue was like warm sugar and I couldn’t help but allow mine to dance with his. He bit my lip and breathed my air, all while his fingers grew more and more determined, kneading my clit until my climax was eminent.

“Fuck… No, I don’t want to cum with you!” I shouted, trying to wriggle away, but he didn’t let me. He rubbed and circled some more before whispering against my lips, “You’re a terrible liar, Lex. Fucking cum. Cum now.”

His words did me in, and I felt that luscious release. Wave after wave of unwanted bliss. He didn’t stop until I collapsed against his shoulder. His mouth found my neck, kissing softly up to my ear, “I want to fuck you.”

I’m not sure how, but within moments, he had freed his erection and ripped my panties clean off of me. He lifted me and I tried to brace myself against his shoulders, but my guesses had been completely accurate.

He was unbelievably big. It hurt like fucking hell. But it was some slice of heaven.

He was at least kind enough to be slow. As I gingerly allowed myself to be filled by him, lowering onto his massive cock, stretching me beyond what I believed possible, he stroked my cheek with one hand and gripped my ass with the other.

He whispered ‘good girl’, and ‘take it slow’. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he kissed me again and slid his fingers back to my magic button. I clenched, taking him in, deeper. I groaned, feeling him firmly planted against my bruised core, but each stroke of his fingers sent jolts through me, as though he were strumming an electric bass.

It was too much. My body hurt, having been wrecked, hours before. It should’ve rejected all pleasure. Instead, I was on fire. I needed to ride him and feel every, nasty inch of him moving in and out of me.

I began to rock and he groaned, rewarding me by slipping his other hand behind me and between my cheeks, pressing against my asshole. ”Yes, please!” I hissed, and he pushed his finger inside me.

I tossed my hair back and bounced up and down slowly until I felt my body making room for his complete length. When I felt myself sheathing him completely, I came again, hard. I bore down against the pressure, and sure enough, I rained all over him.

”Oh you nasty slut, did you just squirt all over me? Damn, you are as amazing as I thought you’d be! You must like being watched too…”

My eyes flew up, and I turned to see a short, bald garage security guy standing in the parking space twenty feet from my car, staring at us, through the passenger window. He was rubbing his crotch through his pants and it looked as though he’d been there a while.

Before the blush even filled my cheeks, Duane grabbed my hair and made me look at him. “Give him a good show, baby.”

He pulled me off, and pushed me to the floor while throwing open the car door to give the guard perfect line of sight to what Duane was about to make me do. ”Suck my cock, real good, and if our voyeur cums, I won’t sell you to anyone. You’ll be mine to have as I please, for the next few months, but I won’t make you be with anyone else.” I stared at him, stunned, until he added. “Hurry, Lex. You’ve only got till the sun comes up.”

I looked to the east side of the garage, behind the guard, and saw the sky brightening, quickly. I looked back at him, I could feel my cheeks flaming. As if oral sex with a massively endowed man weren’t hard enough, but he expected me to do it well AND look hot enough doing it to make some stranger blow his load? Just from watching?

I glanced back out at the guard and locked eyes with him. He licked his lips and nodded, hearing our conversation. God damn, this was humiliating. Really fucking hot, but… At least he wasn’t making me suck a strangers dick.

I grabbed Duane’s cock with both hands and started licking it like it was an ice cream cone. I added lots of moans, and gasps for the benefit of the guard. He had unzipped and was stroking his little thing like mad.

When I took the tip of Duane’s cock in my mouth, I looked up at him, and wondered why he’d ever need to blackmail anyone to get sex.

I wouldn’t have admitted it, but he was delicious. And the way he watched me… Fucking me with his eyes while I fucked him with my mouth. I completely forgot about the deal, and Sammy. I wanted his cum more than anything on earth. And being watched only made me want it more.

He grabbed the sides of my head, and started bucking his hips. I used my fingers to make up for three lack of depth to my throat. I tried hard not to gag, but was very glad my stomach was empty, because I was unsuccessful.

My saliva was dripping down my chin to his sack. I swirled my tongue around and around and pushed myself onto him further and further. I jerked the base of his cock and stroked his balls, rubbing my slippery spit back to his ass.

He started groaning and grunting, so I could tell he liked it. I heard our voyeur mutter, “Fuck, yes…” but didn’t look to see if he was already done. Duane spread his legs further and I slid my finger between his cheeks. “God damn…” He whispered, and I pushed against his ass. “God fucking damn.”

He let go of my head, and I sucked hard on the tip of his dick while I pushed my finger into his ass. In mere moments he was moaning and rocking, bucking and writhing, hissing and cursing.

I felt his cock throbbing against my tongue. I pressed my lips around him and used my hand to pump his shaft while I rotated my finger in his ass with the other hand. I could feel him resisting, which only made me more determined.

He was shaking, trembling, and growling, until he finally let go. Oh my, did he let go. Pulse after pulse of his sweet, thick semen shot down my throat. I sucked every drop and kept sucking until he stopped shaking.

He started laughing which startled me. I looked up at him and followed his line of sight while sitting back on my heels.

The guard was trying hard to clean his cum off the pavement with his handkerchief.

I didn’t think it was funny at all. Suddenly, I was even more humiliated. More than I’d ever felt in my life. I pulled myself out of the car, straightened my clothes and grabbed a bottle of water from the back seat.

“Please get out and let me go home now.” I couldn’t look at him or the guard. All I felt was guilt and regret.

He stood, pulling up his pants and staring at me, “It made you hot, before. Now, what? You feel violated?”

He stepped toward me, but I backed up. I was rubbing my lips, and felt like I would cry at any moment. He grabbed my hand, gently and took another step toward me. And when I looked up, into his eyes, there was no sneer at all.

“You did so good, little girl. Don’t be sad,” his gentle voice soothed me, but was confusing. “Come here,” he whispered and pulled me into his arms. “Good girl. You are amazing.” He stroked my hair and back.

Without thinking, I laid my head on his chest. I was so tired. “What is this, Duane? Why do you act like a prick when you have this other side? This guy could get any girl he wanted?”

“I’ve tried. But the asshole always shows up. The dog always gets loose. … And I like it. I feel powerful.”

I glanced up, expecting the leer, but found a weak smile instead. “Sweetness isn’t my strong suit.” He took a deep breath and held me out at arms length.

“Take me home with you, I’ll get you out of work, make you breakfast and, after you’ve slept, we’ll fuck the rest of the day away.” I couldn’t tell if he was asking me… Or telling me.

I looked down trying to decide what to say. “I don’t think I can fuck any more today… Physically…”

He laughed and I smiled up at him, before giggling a bit. “What would I tell Sammy? How would you get me out of work?”

“Oh, Lex,” he chuckled. “The things people never expect about the mail guy… I’ve got my ways. And Samuel won’t have a clue.”

As he folded me into the passenger seat, I contemplated what that meant…

And as he closed the door, and walked around to the drivers seat, I realized he had a whole story. Something gave him power that I didn’t understand. He didn’t just own my body that night, he ruled my mind.

But as he slipped into the car and grabbed the keys from my hand, he looked at me… With that leer. And everything evaporated. Again.

I was aroused all over again…

Humiliated by it…

And 100% his. Because of this power I didn’t understand.


In the car by kareemnour2000 via DeviantArt.com

D/s, Fiction, Meredith & Spencer

Good Girl: Chapter 8

…continued from Good Girl: Chapter 7


As Spencer came to in the ambulance, the paramedic hooted up to the driver, “We got a live one!”  Looking back down at him, she said, “And ain’t you a cutie! Can you tell me your name?”

They went through several questions, and discussed his symptoms.  The pain in his leg felt so strange, not at all like the usual aches and muscle spasms he’s endured for years.  “I don’t think this is an overuse injury,” she smiled, before checking his pulse for what seemed like the hundredth time.

He started to feel woozy again, and tried to concentrate on her.  She had skin the color of espresso, her hair cut very short, but she was quite pretty. Her full lips, high cheek bones and long lashes were incredibly feminine, and her long, slender neck reminded him of Meredith.

He closed his eyes, trying to picture her lovely face. He heard the medic trying to coax him to open them back up, but his baby girl’s eyes lulled him to sleep.

His second day of knowing Meredith was incredible. After their conversation in the kitchen, and giving her an orgasm on the floor, he decided to test her a bit, finding out some of her boundaries.

“Stand up and pull open the blinds.” She never took her eyes off him, and he loved it.
“Sir… My… My neighbors…,” she stuttered, her cheeks flushing that beautiful coral pink that he was growing to adore.
“What about them, baby girl? You don’t want them to see? They’re gonna hear you in a minute,” he grinned, assuming she would decline.  But that is the process of getting to know someone’s limits.

She rose, walked behind the table and raised the shades to the top. Her kitchen window faced the southeast side of the property, not the front, but there was still a path that Spencer deduced was widely used by the residents.

When she turned, her blush had darkened, but she focused on him again, anxious to please him. “Good girl. Are you embarrassed?  Do you want to stop?”
“No, Sir,” She said softly, and his heart lifted in his chest.
“Mer, you truly are surprising…” He stood, cleared the rest of the dishes from the table and moved the vase she had in the center to the bar. “Come here,” he ordered, quietly.

She stepped to him, and he turned her body so that she was facing the window, with her back to him.  He raised her arms and kicked her feet apart swiftly. “Tiptoes,” he whispered, and as usual, she quickly complied.

His hands skimmed down her body, stopping at her breasts. He felt her suck in a breath again, and was aware they may be tender from his attention to them the night before. But this was the perfect way to test her pain pleasure limits.  He stroked them softly first, and the pinched them lightly, releasing a whimper from her.

As he tightened his pinch, and twisted, still not using nearly the force he had the night before, she whimpered again, but as he released, and the sound turned into a moan.  He pinched again, harder, and he felt her push against his fingers as she whined.

“All you have to say is stop, baby. If it’s too much…” He breathed against her ear, as he did it again.
“I- It’s… It’s fine, Sir,” stammering and gasping, “It hurts, but… I like it.” She whispered, so softly.
“That’s my good girl,” Spencer growled, and she pushed her bottom against him.

His erection was tight, straining against his jeans, and her ass rubbing against him was amazing. He slid one hand down between her thighs, and found that her clit was still as swollen as ever, standing at attention, waiting for his touch.

“I love your body, little girl,” he rumbled against her ear, and felt her have a physical reaction to either his words or his voice. As his fingers circled her erect little button, he saw someone, 200 or so yards away, staring directly into her window. There was something incredibly erotic about being watched, but he didn’t want to expose Meredith for too long, so he bent her over the table.

“Hold onto the edge, baby… tight.”

Watching her obey, he unzipped his pants and quickly pushed them down his legs. Seeing her like this, spread open and waiting for him made his dick even harder.  Her luscious round ass, her pretty, manicured little mound, her soft, ivory skin… After sliding a condom on, he massaged her ass with his hand, warming her skin before lightly slapping it.

Her breathing got faster, but she didn’t flinch, so he came down again, slightly harder.  When she still had no reaction, he swatted her five times, fast and hard on her right cheek.  She tensed, and then as he rubbed the spot, she moaned.

“How much can you take, baby girl?” He whispered as he rubbed her left cheek, preparing it for the same treatment. “Shall we find out?”
“Yes, Sir… Please…” She inhaled deeply, and tried holding it to prepare herself.  But that ruined the fun, so Spencer waited for her to relax and exhale.

When she did, he landed 5 fast, hard blows on the left and then began alternating from one side to the other and back, until her muscles were clenched tightly again.  As he massaged her hot skin, watching her relax and listening to her moan.  His fingers dipped between her thighs and he felt how much she was enjoying her spanking, her silkiness dripping down her legs.

He felt the edge of the table beneath her, and shifted and spread her legs until her clit was touching the edge. Then rubbing her ass again, he laid down 20 more, concentrating on her sit spot, and the last few landing between her cheeks, on her sex.

“Oh, God, Spencer…” she breathed, her hips digging into the edge of the table. His posing had done its job.
“I’m gonna fuck you now, baby, hard and fast until you scream for your neighbor that’s watching us across the way.”

She didn’t flinch, she only hissed, “Yes…” as he slid his cock inside of her, filling her completely. His next thrust was faster and deeper, and she cried out in surprise.  He began hammering into her, slightly deeper each time until he was burying himself into her completely.

He couldn’t move as quickly as he wanted, having to bend his knees slightly to get the right angle.  He guessed she sensed this, because she raised her knees to the table edge, pulling her ass into the air just enough that he could straighten his legs.  He loved how in tune they were with each other’s bodies, and he quickly realized that in this new position, her clit would no longer be pressed against the table.

Deciding to test her again, to see if she would expose herself, he growled, “Raise up on your elbows. Let your voyeur see your amazing tits.”

Quickly arranging herself, she kept her head down, and Spencer imagined her flushed skin and how beautiful she was like that.  He grabbed her hair, twisting it around his hand and yanked her head lightly back, exposing her face, neck and chest to the window.

He looked up, the young man watching them was squinting and walking towards them. Meredith must’ve seen him because she blurted out, “Oh God, he’s really watching me!”

“Do you want to stop,” Spencer rumbled, slowing his pace and reaching down beneath her hips to tease her clit.
“Holy shit…” she breathed, writhing and arching her back further so he could get the perfect angle. “No… Don’t stop! Please!”

He kneaded and circled before capturing her clit between two fingers and rubbing harder and faster.  He could feel her quivering and clenching, “Try to hold it for me, baby girl.  See if you can stop it.”

But he didn’t stop.  He wanted to find her level of control.  He observed the voyeur watching them, he’d stopped about 50 yards away, clearly enjoying the view, shocked and unable to move closer.

He felt her quivering and then felt her bear down against it.  Squeezing her muscles, he knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer, so he let go of her clit, dug his fingers into her hips and pummeled into her with such force, he heard the table moving beneath them.

She started screaming, “Yes,” then squirted on his dick and all over the table.  Her pulsing muscles clamped down on his cock, sending him over the edge as well.  He roared as he continued to move inside her, through the shots of cum being wasted into the condom, until she collapsed in her puddle and he buckled on top of her.

“Good girl, Mer. Good girl,” he whispered, withdrawing after a few moments. Grabbing a handful of paper towels from the counter, he lowered the blinds, saluting to his young watcher, scooped up his precious girl, and sat in the chair he had just eaten breakfast in earlier.

He wiped her body, sopped up the pool of her treasured cum, and felt pride at his ability to have been rewarded with it, yet again. Her eyes were heavy, but she watched him, as she usually did, a small smile playing on her lips.

“How am I ever going to go back to regular sex again?” She whispered, allowing her eyes to close completely. “Thank you, Spence.” Her words trailed off as she succumbed to exhaustion.

He rose, gingerly, noting the ache was significantly less after her massage earlier, but promising himself he wouldn’t ask her to do that again until later that evening. He knew she wanted to do more than just have sex all day, so when she woke later, he planned to take her to one of his favorite places in Columbus.

As he carried her through the living room to the hall which he assumed would lead to her bedroom, he took stock of her furnishings and décor. Some of her things seemed expensive, she clearly had an eye for design, and her condo felt far more like a home than any of his apartments ever had.  As he passed the office, he saw that she had a computer and a laptop, along with a large wall unit filled with CD’s.  He hoped they liked some of the same music, and then mentally smacked himself, ‘As if this could go anywhere…’

He realized how much he wished it could.  But dismissed the thought as he pulled back her dark red, silk comforter, and slid her down onto soft, plum sheets.  Bold and elegant.  Much like her.

After quietly cleaning up their mess and the breakfast dishes, he slipped into bed next her, folding her completely in his embrace.

“Spence…. When do you have to leave?”
“I’ll stay until you kick me out, baby girl.”
“Stay forever then…” she giggled, in her soft, sweet, melodic voice.

He smiled against her neck, wanting desperately to say ok. She had already maneuvered herself into his heart.  He struggled to imagine never seeing her, speaking to her, or feeling her again.

“Can I ask that you not say no? Just say we’ll see.  Please?”

She asked for permission. Something no girl had ever done with him before. His mouth went dry and he realized, there was no way he could walk away from this precious girl.  There was no way he could give that up.

“We’ll see, Mer.  Maybe we could try…”

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D/s Married, Fiction

Date Night

It’s Saturday night.  I’ve dropped off the little man at my Mom’s and have told my beautiful girl to get herself ready for a night out.  We don’t get to go out very often, so I’m guessing she is going all out.  I only told her she needed to wear a skirt.

When I arrive back home, I find her in her bra and panties, painting her toenails. She looks delicious, and blushes when she sees me staring at her, making her just that much more desirable.  I continue watching her until she is finished, then take the nail polish out of her hand.

“Bend over and put your hands on the wall,” I command, and her eyes widen, but she follows the order, leaning her upper body forward to plant her palms shoulder width apart.

I skim my finger tips over her back and down her backside.  As I lightly guide her thighs apart, I hear her exhale.  “Expecting a spanking, sweet wife?” I breath, as a lean over her back to fondle her already stiff nipples.  “That always makes me wonder if you deserve one.  Have you been a bad girl?”

“No, Sir,” she whimpers, as I free a nipple, pinching and twisting it firmly.

I guide her thighs further apart and run my hand back up the inside to feel her already damp panties.  “Hmmm, wet already, sweet girl. Does this turn you on?”  She moans quietly as my fingers run back and forth over the fabric, between her lips.  “How about this?” I whisper, as I move her panties to one side and slide my finger inside her.  Her responding moan is much louder this time.

She whines as a remove my finger and straighten her panties, which makes me grind my hard cock against her ass. “Look what you’ve done to me, you naughty girl.”  I smile as I rub her bottom, deciding a little spanking will warm up the evening quite nicely.

“Five swats, on each side.  I want you to count,” I growl in her ear and she moans.

She counts each blow softly as I land 5 smacks to her right cheek, then whimpers as I rub the other to prepare it.  Her counts are a little louder on the left and, to my surprise, followed by, “Thank you, Sir, May I please have more?”

I know she wants me to fuck her, she has used this tactic before.  “Oh, no, sweet girl.  Ten is enough… for now,” I murmur.  But instead of backing away, I pull her panties to the side again, and slide my finger inside her again.  She’s dripping now, so ready, and I feel her muscles clench lightly around my finger.

I check the clock, and we have time. So I withdraw my finger and insert my two middle fingers while reaching around her front to slide my other hand inside the front of her panties.  I rub her clit lightly at first, and then harder, concentrating on getting it between two fingers as I massage, back and forth.  Her hips are grinding, and her soft moans have turned into the throaty sounds that drive me wild.  I slide my fingers in and out at pace with my other hand, increasing the speed until I feel that telltale quiver, when I withdraw completely.

“Oh, No Sir, PLEASE!” She cries, bent against the wall grinding her hips in the air.

“We’re done for now.  You can continue getting ready.  We’re leaving in 15 min.”  I have to force myself to walk away.  I want to stick my dick in her and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.  But, delayed gratification is often much better than instant.  And I’m going to enjoy watching her frustration grow throughout the evening, with this little game I have planned.

I wait, standing in the kitchen, hoping she’ll be a little late so that I can torture her just a little more.  Never one to disappoint, she makes her way down the steps exactly 15 min. after my mark. Her hair flows in waves over her shoulders, her makeup perfectly enhancing her gorgeous, green-blue eyes and sweet, full lips. Delicate gold chains of hearts dangle from her ears and her chained heart pendant rests, as it always does, at the base of her throat.  She’s wearing a black halter dress that hugs her curves and falls just above the knee, and her freshly pedicured toes peek out from her sexy, open-toed heels.  I imagine watching her walk around in her lingerie and those heels, and my dick twitches again.

She blushes again at my stare, and when she is a few feet away, she spins around, revealing the low, draping back of the dress, her tattoo peeking out at me from just below the fabric.  When she’s facing me again, I step toward her, wrapping one arm around her lower back and sliding my hand into the dress, down to her ass.  When I realize I feel only skin, I look into her eyes and smile. “What’s the rule about going without panties?”

“Only when You tell me to, Sir,” she smirks back.  “I guess I need another spanking.”

I laugh and hold her back at arms length.  “Ah, but punishment spankings aren’t the same as the erotic kind.”  She frowns slightly, wondering what I have in mind.

“Lift your dress and bend over the table,” I grumble against her lips before I walk toward one of the kitchen drawers. I find a large wooden spoon, but when I turn, she is staring at me with wide eyes.  She quickly raises her skirt and leans down to the table.  “Arms behind your back,” I growl, and she quickly grasps each of her forearms.

I spread her feet apart, nice a wide, and rub her already pink ass with the smooth bottom of the spoon.  When I feel her relax, I surprise her with 3 fast blows and say, “I think 20 this time.  No counting.”

As I plant the blows, alternating sides and location, I watch as her juices start flowing again, and on the last swat, a drop trickles down her thigh.  I slide my fingers between her slit and grumble, “Oh, you little slut, are you turned on after a punishment spanking, too?”

Her sigh and ragged breath ignite me to go further.  “Twenty more.”

This time I land the blows all around her sit spot, the last 5 landing directly on her cunt, and she is moaning and writhing by the end.  I smooth the back of the spoon over her soaked pussy lips and growl, “Twenty more, dirty girl?”

“Oh, yes Sir, please,” she moans. I reach around in front of her, and feel her swollen clit, dripping with her own juices. I push two fingers inside of her, and feel her clench around me.  “I’m afraid we don’t have time for any more, but you’ll get them later.”

I clear my throat and tell her to collect herself.  When she comes out of the bathroom, I wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear, “You look incredible, Sweet Wife.  Frustration is very sexy on you!”  I pull away to look at her lovely face, and she frowns at me.  “Thank You, Sir.  But I wish we weren’t going out, at this point!”

I laugh and we make our way to the car. Once inside, I reach into my glove box and hand her a small gift bag. “Put those on.”

When she opens the bag and sees what’s inside, her cheeks flush bright red and her eyes widen, yet again. “Vibrating Panties?!” She shrieks, “Oh No Sir, Please. How humiliating!”

“Put them on.  No discussion.”  I command, looking her in the eye so she can see that I’m serious.  She opens the package and glides them on, under her dress. “Let me see,” I whisper, and she lifts her skirt to her belly.  I reach down to feel that the little bullet is in the right spot.  It protrudes from a pocket on the inside and you can slide it up or down into correct position.  I turn it on, with the remote control, and guide the nugget until it rests against her clit.  I know I’m in the right place because she sucks in a long breath.

“Just think, that’s the lowest setting!”  I smile at her, and turn it off.  She exhales, and straightens her skirt.  After latching her seat belt, she folds her hands in her lap and glances at me.  I’m smiling at her.  I love that she lets me do these things to her.  I love that she gets off on it too.  I lean toward her, grasping her chin with my finger and thumb, and breath against her lips, “I love you sweet wife.  So much.”  I kiss her deeply, and just before I turn away, I turn on the panties and watch her eyes grow big again.  She shifts in her seat, but it doesn’t help, because the panties are very snug.

I leave them on, as we back out of the garage and drive down the street.  She unclasps her hands and lays them flat on her thighs.  She closes her eyes and tries to breath through the pleasure.  “If it gets to be too much, just tell me, and we’ll stop,” I say quietly and increase the speed on the remote control.

She moans and her hips move a little and when I glance, I notice her nipples are hard, poking through her bra cups, visible through her dress.  I reach my right hand up to one, and skim my fingers over it, increasing the speed again on the remote.  “Oh, God,” she breathes, her hips grinding against the seat.  My cock is completely awake, and I think about pulling over and fucking her against the car at some random parking lot.

I turn the remote off and she whimpers, but then, as my hand slides under her skirt, she looks at me.  “Sir, Please, let’s not get into an accident.”  I smile at her and pull my hand away.  I’m not sure how we’re going to make it through dinner.

On the highway, I turn on the panties twice, and watch her squeeze her thighs together, trying to get enough out of them to orgasm.  The last time I turn them off, she audibly groans and looks at me, searching for relief.  I laugh and say, “Good girl.  Soon enough.”

When we arrive at the restaurant, I park at the back of the building, in a corner spot and stop her from unlatching her belt.  After releasing my own, I lean over and press the button with my right hand while sliding my left beneath her skirt.  The panties are soaked, and the inside of her thighs are damp.  I slide my fingers into the panties and start finger fucking her.  She’s totally relaxed, so I can tell she thinks I’m about to let her come.  I work my fingers in and out while circling her engorged clit with my thumb, and I almost get lost in the moment.  Listening to the little sounds of pleasure coming from her throat, and watching her face as she rides the waves, it’s VERY difficult to pull away.  But when I feel her muscles quake, I pull my hand away and sit back in my seat.

“Oh, God.  Please!  You’re killing me!” She shouts.

I turn back toward her, and run my wet fingers along her lips.  She takes on of them in her mouth and tastes herself.  I push the next one in and then my thumb.  She’s still moaning and writhing, so I lower my hand to her throat.  I discovered some time ago that holding her like this, not choking her, but simple holding her around the neck, is one of the easiest ways to calm her and exert my control over her body at the same time.

Her hips settle almost instantly and her breathing slows.  I tell her to open her eyes and as they flutter open, she stares into my eyes.  “I’m in control. Don’t think.  For the rest of the night, I want you to be in the moment.  Don’t anticipate it.  Just enjoy the pleasure and the frustration.  Embrace it and know that it pleases me.  Later, when you are screaming in ecstasy, having endured the humiliation, frustration and pain, I will prove that it was worth it. This body is mine, and I love seeing it on edge.”

I watch as her face clears and her thoughts dissipate.  “Yes, Sir.  Of course, I am yours.  To play with, always… I apologize.”  She glances down to see my full erection and smiles, suddenly understanding the game is not for her torture, but for our combined pleasure. We are both frustrated as Hell. But it will lead us to Heaven.

I release her to collect myself.  We sit for a moment, and all I can think about are the panties.  I realize I’m just going to have to suck it up, so I open the car door and pull myself from the drivers seat.  After walking around the car and opening her door to help her out, she wraps her arms around my neck and whispers in my ear, “I could help you with that problem in your pants.”

“Oh really,” I laugh. “What are you proposing?”

She giggles and whispers in my ear again, “Sharks.”


She leans back to look at me, “Ice cold showers.”  She smiles, “Guys in Speedos at the beach.”  And then laughs with her final thought, “Guys wearing NOTHING at the beach!”

“I appreciate that, wife,” I chuckle. “Now, let’s go get something to eat.”  I kiss her deeply and as we turn to walk toward the restaurant, I flip on the remote in my pocket.

She’s practically writhing by the time I turn it off when we get seated. The hostess asks if she can put in a drink order for us, looking at my wife wondering if she is OK.  “Please, ice water,” my sweet girl smiles at the waitress and fans herself with her hand.  “It’s very warm in here, don’t you think?”

I laugh while giving my order, and scoot our chairs closer.  I want to feel how wet she is now.  As I reach under the tablecloth, she opens her legs to me, proving to me that she isn’t thinking, that she’s allowing me to have complete control.  When I slide my finger into her panties, she practically pants, so I decide not to do anything else for right now.  She has soaked the panties and her dress feels damp as well.  I look into her eyes and recognize that she is definitely in the moment.  I wiggle my finger just slightly over her completely erect clit and her legs tremble.  One more flick  may have sent her over the edge.

After I pull away and press her knees together, she takes a few deep breaths and asks if she can use  the restroom.  I pull her close and whisper, “Yes, to relieve your bladder only.  No orgasms.” She grins at me and blushes, “No, Sir. Promise.”

I watch her walk away.  I’m completely hard again and consider going after her, and fucking her in the restroom of this restaurant.  But control my urges and look over the menu instead.

When she doesn’t come back for several minutes, I start to get concerned.  The waitress arrives with our drinks and asks if we’re ready to order.  Wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible, I order for us both and watch the restroom doors for her to come out.

After a few more minutes, she comes out laughing, with another woman.  The woman shakes her hand, and my lovely wife makes her way to the table.  Her cheeks are glowing pink and her eyes twinkle in the low light of the restaurant.  She smiles at me and my heart races.  When she sits down, I pull her into a deep kiss, squeezing the back of her neck and letting my fingers skim over her still erect nipples.  When I pull away, she sighs and looks up into my eyes.

“You are exquisite,” I breath against her lips, dropping my hand further to her lap. “Who was that woman?” I ask, leaning back, but leaving my hand resting in her lap, against the tiny machine that is pressed against her clit.

She takes in a shaky breath but answers, “She saw us in the car, when you had your hand around my neck and was concerned for my safety.”  She giggled a little as she took a sip of her water.  “But I looked so happy and at ease when we came in, and then I seemed drunk when we got seated…  She said she just had to ask me if I was OK.”

“Interestingly, she is still watching me like a hawk, so I’m wondering how you answered her questions,” I mutter, kissing down her jaw line to her neck.

“Well, Sir… I told her the truth. I told her I enjoy your control, and that I am elated and safe,” she looks up through her lashes and her lips curl and her cheeks flush, again. “I told her we are playing a game and asked her not to worry about me.” Her voice is soft and clear, and when she finishes her explanation, I continue to watch her as I press the remote again.

She smiles at me, wriggling only slightly as I push against the bullet with my finger, sinking it between her pussy lips. I move my lips to her ear and whisper, “I’m going to play a game, alright.”

Pulling my hand from her lap, I wrap my arm around her shoulder and nibble on her ear, sending goosebumps across her neck and down her arms.  I pull my arm down slightly and wrap my fingers around the back of her neck as I increase the speed on the remote.  Her eyes close and I feel her legs trembling under the table.  I increase the speed again, and she turns her face towards mine taking in a sharp breath.

She stares into my eyes, and I see her desire, her excitement, her frustration and her submission.  Her expression sends chills through me.  She is completely mine, I could send her to orgasm right here in the middle of a restaurant.  She wouldn’t question me, she wouldn’t try to stop me, and I’m fairly sure she would do anything I wanted her to in this moment.

The power is intoxicating and humbling at the same time.  I exhale and lower the the speed on the remote until it is off.  She whimpers and closes her eyes, resting her head on my shoulder. After a few moments, she straightens up, shifting in her seat to compose herself, and when she looks at me this time, it is my expression that surprises her.

“Sir?” I crush my lips to hers.  I want to be inside of her, and in this public place, my tongue will have to do.  When I sense we are being watched, I pull away to find our food being delivered.  My beautiful girl lets out a blissful sigh as we stare into each others eyes while plates are set in front of us and our waitress clears her throat.

“If you need anything else, Sir, just let me know…” I watch my wife look up at her and smile one of those ‘Cat’s got the canary’ grins.  After the server walks away, she looks back at me and sighs, “I think I am the envy of the room, this evening.  Which such a doting, affectionate and commanding Sir on my arm…”

I chuckle, forcing myself not to glance around, as I turn toward my plate. I used to be uncomfortable with public displays of affection. But, I’ve found that I simply don’t care what others think. I own a magnificent, sexy and gorgeous wife. Why shouldn’t I kiss her and touch her whenever I please?

I have very little appetite this evening. For food, at least. But, decide I’d better eat quickly so that I can get my pretty one back into the car.  I watch her slip a forkful of Salmon across her lips, and she makes a lovely little sound of enjoyment. She talks to me, sparkling and full of life, telling me stories about her week.  I follow, laughing and nodding at the right times, but I can’t stop thinking about the panties…

When she has finally finished her plate, I ask her if she would like dessert, and she giggles as she whispers, “Not from here!”  My cock twitches and I’m still semi-hard, I can’t wait to get out of there.  When I wave down the waitress, I hand her my credit card without waiting for the bill, and ask her to hurry back. As she sashays away, trying to show off her little ass, I reach back into my pocket and settle my eyes on my lovely bride, who is giving the server a dirty look.

Her expression drops as the panties come alive and she presses her hands into her thighs again before pulling her focus to my face again.  She’s thinking and worrying, probably wondering if people near us can hear the buzzing.  I slide my hand up her back, under her hair and wrap my fingers around her neck from the back.  Her reaction is not as instant as when I do this to her throat, but she looks into my eyes and her face softens.  The concern clears and when she has released control to me again, she whispers, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

By the time the waitress returns with my credit card, I have the remote cranked all the way up and my wife is working hard to remain still and keep herself from panting.  The waitress stares at my wife as I sign the receipt, a desperate expression on her face. My wife stares at me, clearly loaded with desire and I can only assume that women sense and envy what other women desire. When the girls attention settles back on me, with ‘Fuck Me’ eyes and a lustful smile, I chuckle internally. It amuses me that she would be drawn to flirt with a man who is clearly having a date night with his adoring wife.

I admonish her attention by giving her a vacant glare. My sweet girl whispers, but loud enough the server can hear her, “Sir, can we go, now, pretty please? I can’t share you with these jealous eyes for another moment.”  As I stand and pull her up, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her, deciding she may have been right about the envy of the room.  I allow my hand to fall to her ass, and give her a few light taps, just to give the other ladies something to think about.

Once we are in the parking lot, I pull her against me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I feel the panties vibrating against my nearly full erection and growl in her ear that I want to see them.  She pants in my ear, “I can’t walk, Sir…”

I pick her up and carry her to the car, lifting her to sit on the hood while I attempt to fumble in my pocket for the car keys.  She still won’t let go of me, and is now grinding against my dick, completely wound and ready to pop.  The little bullet, vibrating between us, has caused her need to take over her body.  Her hands grab and pull at my shirt, her lips quivering and popping out strained moans, while begging, “Please… please… please..”

I reach into my jacket pocket to turn off the remote, and she cries out. “Shhhh, settle, sweet wife,” I whisper, as I pull out the car keys.  She whimpers and slides her fingers through my hair.  I drop my other hand between us and under her dress. As I push my fingers under the soaked panties, she doesn’t calm down, but grips my arm, attempting to guide me, rush me. “I said, settle…” I growl against her lips as my fingers slide around her throat.

Her eyes flash open, glaring rebelliously into my eyes.  Her expression changes rapidly. Emotions and thoughts fire inside her head before I remind her, “My body, naughty girl. You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

As she releases the tension throughout her body, she inhales deeply and whimpers again. I wriggle my fingers around the panties to pull them off of her, and when I slide my hand back up the inside of her thigh, she holds her breath, waiting for the invasion she’s been longing for throughout dinner.

As I slide one finger into her and her breath comes out in a rush. I twist and feel her muscles clenching while a stifled moan escapes her throat. “Don’t hold it in, let me hear you.”

When I push another finger into her, I can feel her quivering.  She wants me to go so much faster, but I take my time.  Her silky wetness drips down my hand as I run my fingers over her G spot and then circle her clit with my thumb.  “Relax, baby, I want you to feel everything,” I whisper into her hair and she moans and allows her muscles to soften.

I release her neck and slide my fingers down her chest and into her bra.  Her nipples are hard and she gasps as I pinch one while pushing down harder on her clit.  Her hips have slid to the edge of the car and she wraps her legs around me, so that every move of my hand is felt by both of us.  As I increase the pressure on her clit and the speed of my fingers inside her, her moans get louder and tremors run throughout her body.

The noises coming from her start to change. I can feel her bearing down against my hand, so I slip a third finger in and wiggle them while using my other hand to rub her clit, hard and fast. Her muscles tighten around my fingers and a feel the gush, followed by her complete loss of control of her body.

She slides off the car, my hands are the only thing that prevents her from falling. I keep up as much action as I can, while pushing her body against the car. Her hips grind against me and the guttural sounds escaping her throat make me look around the lot, to make sure we’re still alone. A couple, sitting in a car across the lot are clearly watching us and enjoying the show, so I keep going, shifting her back up onto the car, and spreading her open as best I can without removing my hands.

She falls back, arching her back against the cool metal. As I find my rhythm again, her pussy grips my hand and I rotate my fingers. She convulses and I step back as she squirts again, this time, in a broken spray. Her screams, muffled by the arm she’s thrown over her mouth, drive me to push harder. To see how far I can take her.

As I hammer into her with my whole fist, I smack her clit several times and then lean over her to grasp her throat. “Come again, slut. Give it all to me…” I growl, staring at her gorgeous face.

My words push her high, and as she rolls over the edge, once again, she cries out, “Yessssssirrrr…”

As she rides the waves, I’m aware that I need to get her home before we get arrested. I glance at the car, the couple, still watching us, are clearly pleasuring each other. I smile at them as I straighten my sweet girls dress and scoop her up.

As I slide her into her seat, she looks up with those ocean blue eyes, her lips, full and soft, and her skin flushed. Her expression is molten and filled with need. As she raises her fingers to my cheek, I lower my lips so that they barely touch hers and whisper, “Still not satisfied, naughty girl?”

She whimpers as I glide my hand under her dress again. I barely wriggle the tips of my fingers across her pussy before she is writhing, forcing her arms to her sides to prevent her hands from pushing and guiding me further.

With my other hand, I pull the panties out of my pocket. “Perhaps a little more teasing on the ride home.”

I pull the tiny bullet out of the pocket inside the panties and slide it up and down her slit while reaching for the remote. When it comes on, she shudders and moans, and I push it into her folds, pressing against her clit. I push her knees together and breathe against her hair, “Don’t let it fall out, or your earlier punishment will be worse, when we get home.”

She whimpers and squeezes her thighs together tightly, as I close the door and walk to the drivers side of my Charger. I slide into my seat and increase the speed with the remote. She groans, her pelvis grinding into the leather, and her fingers gripping her knees.

My cock is throbbing, and I’m wishing I had jammed it into her while she was perched on the hood of my car, coming apart at the seams. As I pull out of the parking lot, I lower my zipper and maneuver my erection to spring free. When she sees it she shifts in her seat and looks up at me with longing in her eyes.

I reach over and grab her hand, closing it around me, stroking myself with it before commanding, “Don’t make me come.”

She slides her hand up and down my shaft, then trails her fingers gently over the tip. She shifts so that she can use both hands, while I press the remote again.  Her body tightens as she endures the added pleasure, writhing in her seat and trying to focus on me.  As she gets into a rhythm, my own moans push her further, and she leans down to take me into her mouth.  I grip her by the back of the neck, and growl, “Not while I’m driving.”

She whines, but continues, her body crumbling under my control, her fingers driving me insane.  I know I can’t take it for much longer, so I pull her back into her seat, telling her to stop.

She groans, and when I glance at her, she is staring at me, pleading, again, for release. Silently wishing the trip was complete so that our bodies can finally unite. Her desire makes me reach for her.  I slip my hand into the front of her dress, groping her breasts and nipples, then I slide my hand up her neck to trace her face.  I slip my thumb in her mouth and she swirls her tongue around it and then sucks on it, hard, and I feel it, deep in my groin.

“Touch me again, but do not make me come.” I grumble, the green fire in her blue eyes flashing, and as she shifts in her seat, I hear the vibrating nugget hit the floorboard. She grasps my dick in both hands, and looks into my face. A flash of guilt followed closely by a heady smirk sends a rush through me.  I tut, and feign disappointment.  “Such a bad girl. You let it fall…”

As her fingers slide up and down my throbbing erection, she whispers, “Oh, Sir. What are you going to do to me?”

As I exit the highway, I lightly grip her neck again, pulling her close to me and growl, “You’ll find out soon enough, my sweet little slut.”  She moans against my lips, rubbing my shaft and circling the head of my cock with her fingers.

As I turn down our street, I grumble for her to move faster, and I let her bring me to the brink before shoving her back in her seat as I pull into our garage.  When I turn off the car, she is panting, her excitement has only increased in the absence of the bullet. “Don’t move,” I bark, as I swing open my door.

I make it to her side in record time, and I roughly pull her from the seat.  I’m not sure how far I’ll make it into my plan before I can no longer stop myself from drilling into her with all the pent up frustration I have allowed to build this evening.  I press the button to close the garage before slamming her door and bending her over the hood of the car.

“Arms behind your back.” I order, lifting her dress and admiring her still pink cheeks, as she clasps her forearms against her raised dress.  “I’m going to spank you hard, and I’m not sure for how long, so I want you to remember your safe words.”  I smooth the hair from her face.  Her eyes are closed and she is more than ready for my hand.

“Play, Sir, please…” She whispers, as I rub her behind with both hands.

The first few blows are sharp and sting my palm, but she doesn’t flinch.  I watch her pussy get wetter as I lay several more on the outside of her cheeks, then down her thighs.  My hand heats up quickly and I glide it over her lips to gather some of her dampness.  I swat her hard with my wet palm, and she groans, loudly, her voice echoing against the darkness.

Her cunt drips on my shoe and I smack it hard, causing her body to jump a little and a cry to escape her throat.  “Let me hear you, dirty girl.  Tell me what a slut you are for enjoying this beating.”

She sucks in a deep breath and after I hammer down on her sex, several tight, hard slaps, she whines, “I’m a naughty slutt… Sir… I’m a slut who likes being punished.”

My dick jumps and I cannot ignore it any longer. I ram into her with such force that we both cry out, and them I pummel her wet pussy until she unclasps her arms to steady herself against the hood.

I pull out and yank her up, turning her around and ripping her dress over her head.  Sweat trickles down her chest, and I notice how stifling it is in the garage, but I’m not ready to go inside yet.  So much for plans.

I push her back against her truck parked beside us and force her legs apart as wide as possible.  “Put your hands over your head and don’t move again.”  I remove my shirt, and stand against my car, gazing at her body, admiring my prized possession.

I step forward and wrap my fingers around her throat again, pushing my body against hers so that my dick slides between her pussy lips, teasing her engorged little clit. “Say it again.”

She looks confused for a moment, but then whispers, “I’m a naughty slut…”

“And,” I rock back and forth, my cock growing even harder with the teasing.

“I like to be punished…” She moans, her eyes closing.

I step back and smack her pussy hard.  Again, and again. Then I use one hand to stretch apart her lips while I pummel her clit with several more tight, little, slaps.  Her hips buck and her groans are strained, her face contorted from the pain, then I push my fingers deep inside her and her expression softens and the lovely little noises that she always makes tickle my ears and make me want to hear her come once more.

So I drop to my knees, circle her clit with my tongue and rotate my fingers in and out before wiggling them inside of her.  Her knees almost buckle, and as I suck her swollen little glans, I feel her waver again.  I use my other hand to pinch her nipples and as I continue the assault from every direction, she whimpers and quivers and clenches.  I feel her bear down again, so I stroke her G-spot while flicking her clit with my tongue and as her whole body trembles, I press my hand into her belly, holding her against the truck.  Her whole body quakes and another gush of fluid sprays from her, down my chest and all over the floor beneath us.

Unintelligible words pour from her lips as her body convulses and the orgasm rips through her, all the way from her center.  I’m completely supporting her weight, so I pick her up, leaning against my car and slide her onto my waiting, rock hard erection.

I wrap her arms around my neck and sink my teeth into her breast, causing her to convulse again, and start riding me.  I grip her hips and thrust into her, each stroke feels incredible, and I feel the need to go deeper.

I turn and sit her ass on the hood, and drill into her as hard and fast as I can.  She shouts my name and I wrap my hand around her throat again, using the leverage to push myself even deeper, even further.  Her hands go crazy through my hair, all over my face, before I growl, “Pinch your nipples.  Twist them…”  She obeys, and the sight drives me further.

“Rub yourself, the way only you can.  You need to come three more times…”  Her eyes open wide, she doesn’t think she can do it.  As she drops her fingers to her clit, and starts rubbing, I whisper how sexy she is, and how much I love the little sounds she makes while I fuck her.

She moans and I feel her pussy clench around me, milking me and pulling me in further.  “Come, slut,” I growl. Then I watch as she lets go and her climax sends her flying.

I push her fingers out of the way and knead her swollen clit until she screams and explodes again.  She writhes and twists, and I grip her thighs tightly while I push deep inside of her, her wet arousal dripping down my thighs and ass.  “You are so fucking hot, wife.  Let me have one more.  Let me see you fly over the edge just once more tonight…”

“Oh, God,” she moans. “Sir, Please….”  She is panting and bucking against me.  I slide out of her and flip her around, bending her over the car again.  I jam my cock into her hard, from behind, then smack her rosy pink ass with each stroke, before slipping one hand beneath her to assault her little button again, while pushing my other thumb into her asshole.  Her body convulses, one final time.

Her scream sends me flying, and as I pour into her, my mind empties, my body crumbles and we both collapse onto the dirty, wet garage floor.

After several minutes, I realize she is out and that I’m going to have to carry her inside and clean her up.  I can’t help but chuckle as I wonder if that couple in the parking lot ended their date as nicely as we did.  I certainly can’t wait until the next Date Night.

D/s Married, Fiction

Playing with her…

I’ve been thinking about her all day.  Missing her kisses, her skin, her legs wrapped around me, her body encasing me. Milking pleasure from me with every clench, stroke and moan. This day felt as though it was never going to end.

On my way home, I decide that I need to hear her voice. Dialing her quickly, as I pull out of the parking lot, she answers almost immediately.

“Hello, Sir.” I exhale a long breath, her voice relaxing me.

“Hello, Sweet Wife. I am hoping you’re in the car on the way home,” I rumble in a low, slow voice.

“I.. I am, Sir.  I’m on the highway.  The traffic looks to be especially terrible today.” I hear the concern in her pitch, she despises traffic.

“We don’t have to worry about picking up the boy today, so take your time.” I can’t help but mentally curse working in the city, as I too hit traffic.

“I will, Sir. I just want to be home with you. I’ve been looking forward to our date…” Her voice turns silky and sweet, and makes me grin. She loves to flirt.  And, I love to play. So let’s begin.

“Where are you? How fast are you moving?”
“Just north of downtown, but stopped. There must be an accident.”
“Is there a car next to you?”
“Yes, Sir. A pick up truck.”
“The driver?”
“Can you see the driver? Man or woman?”
“Um… Yes, a man. Late 20’s or early 30’s. A landscaper.”
“Hmmm… Are you on hands-free?”
“Oh, Sir… ”
“That was not an answer, Sweet Wife… As punishment, I want you to put your hand in your shirt and play with your nipple.”
“I.. You…” She stammers, reluctant at first, to do anything publicly. But she always has fun.
“Wife!” I growl, making sure she knows I’m in charge.

“…Yes, Sir.” Her whisper tells me the blush has risen high into her cheeks. I can picture her, embarrassed and smirking.  Most definitely turned on.

“Is He looking at you?”
“He glanced at me… Yes, he’s looking at me.”
“Open one button on your shirt, lick your finger and do it again.”

I hear her sigh as she complies, always such a good girl.

“Is He still watching you?”
“Yes, He’s beside me, staring at my chest.”
“Undo another button, and play with your other one, now.”
“He just looked up at my face, this is embarrassing.”
“Are you aroused? Or do you want to stop?” I keep my tone neutral.  I know she’s turned on, she loves public displays and gets off on humiliation.  

She doesn’t answer. So I continue. “Open your shirt.”
“I… Y-Yes, Sir.”
“Can He see your nipples?”
“One of them, Sir.”
“Are you blushing?”
“Of course, Sir.”
“Are you humiliated?”
“Does that turn you on? Are you wet?”
“Um… Yes… and yes.”
“Is he staring at you? Can you see his desire?”
“Definitely, Sir. He’s staring at my breast.”
“One more button, let him see them both.”

I feel my cock growing, I wish I were sitting next to her and could touch her myself while some pathetic bloke watches, wishing he could have what is mine.

“Lick your fingers again and twist your nipples. Look at them, aren’t they beautiful?”
“Oh, Sir.  I wish you were here…”
“How’s traffic, still stopped?”
“Yes, Sir. I can’t believe I’m doing this. The woman in front of me just flipped up her rear view mirror….”
“She just wishes she were as sexy as you. Put your hand under your skirt.  Tell me what your panties feels like.”
“They are silky, and wet, Sir. Very wet.”
“Tell me more.”
“My… my clit is swollen and I’m trembling a little.”
“Put your finger in your panties and circle it. I want to hear you.”

She moans as she obeys, I hear her whimper softly and then gasp.

“Is he watching you touch yourself?”
“I think he’s touching himself, too.  I… Sir…”
“You can stop, sweet girl.  It pleases me that other men find you desirable but can’t have you. But if it bothers you…”
“I just… I don’t…”
“Are you turned on?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Then stop thinking and do as I say.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Pull up your skirt, can he see?”
“I think so.”
“Rub your clit. Tell me what he does.”
“He’s gaping at me.  His eyes keep flashing over my body, to my face and back.  He is stroking his crotch. He just mouthed something. Oh, he wants to know if I’m on the phone.”
“Answer him.”
“I nodded and I held up my wedding ring. This is seriously the sluttiest thing I’ve ever done. He mouthed you are a lucky man, Sir.”
“Pull your hand out and lick your fingers.”
“Oh, God, Sir…”
“Are you thinking, or doing what you’re told?”
“Obeying, Sir.”
“Tell me what he’s doing.”
“He’s rubbing himself pretty fast and staring at me.”
“Is traffic still stopped?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“How do you feel?”
“Exposed. Turned on. Humiliated. …On the edge, Sir.”
“I want you to come.  Rub your clit, spank it four times and rub some more.  I want to hear my naughty girl come.”

I hear her suck in a long breath and let it out in a rush. She moans with each of the four hard smacks, and then as she rubs her little, pleasure nub, I hear her moan and whimper and then curse.

“Sir, I’m… yesssss…..”

I wait for her to enjoy her moment. “Mmmmm, I love to hear you come. Good girl.  Is your voyeur still looking?”
“Yes, sir. He’s dazed though.”
“Make sure you lick your fingers for him.”
“Oh, Sir.  Only for you.  This was only for you.”
“Yes, but now I’m going to have to spank you when you get home for letting another man watch you have an orgasm.”

I hear her giggle, “Yes, Sir. …So sorry, Sir.”
“Now, straighten yourself out before a cop comes along and gives you a ticket.”
“Maybe he’d let me off if I gave him the same show!” She laughs, “But with my luck, he wouldn’t appreciate it as much as the landscaper.”

I chuckle and listen to her straighten her clothes as I pull into our garage.

“Traffic is starting to move finally. I can’t wait to get home to you, Sir.” Her sweet voice fills my car, and I recline back in my seat to listen to her.

“Is your voyeur gone?”
“He gave me a thumbs up and pulled off the highway a moment ago.”
“How does it feel to be permanently part of someone else’s fantasies?”

She giggles again and then sighs. It fills me once again with that longing. To touch her, kiss her, …play with her, directly.

“Tell me about your day, Sweet Wife.  I don’t want to let you go until you’re in my arms.”

D/s Married, Fiction

The Assignment – Part 2

…continued from The Assignment – Part 1

Under the water, it becomes clear that it is just adding to the arousal. I’m so tempted to just rub one out. My whole pussy tingles and clenches as my mind drifts to thoughts of His fingers on me. In me. Rubbing, pinching, pulling…

Oh boy, this is going to be a tough assignment.

I finish getting ready for the day, choosing to wear a loose, patterned skirt and a wrap blouse with a pair of low heels.  While brushing my hair, I think the gel has worn off, but as I walk down the hallway, I am completely aware of my plump little button rubbing against the lace of my thong. I decide that today, only cotton panties will do.

My Sir is waiting for me in the kitchen when I finally make it downstairs.  He and our little one are eating breakfast and chatting about toys or cartoons, most of which I cannot make sense of.  My mind is flooded with concern about the day, about our schedule and whether I’ll be able to correct my blunder at the office.  And of course, add in the worry about His assignment.  He senses the weight on my mind, wraps His arm around my waste and whispers in my ear, “You are not allowed to get stressed out, today, remember, Sweet Wife?”

I frown and stare into His beautiful green eyes.  “I’m really not sure I’m going to be able…” The look on His face tells me to stop.

He takes my hand and pulls me into the next room.  “Is it too much to ask you to live life without letting it live you?  Is that want you aren’t sure you can do?”  His voice is low and brusque, and He holds both of my hands.

I hadn’t looked at stress that way before, and I didn’t know what to say.  He lets go of my hands and glides His up my arms.  He grasps my chin and lifts my face to look up into His. Then His hand falls around my neck and pulls my lips to His.

When He breaks away, I am breathless and loving his hand on my throat.  This assertion of His Dominance over me is the one thing that immediately makes me drop my guard and completely allow Him to take control.  If I fought it, He would either have to tighten His grip or release me, and I want neither.  When He holds me this way, I feel my submission stronger than any other moment, even while being punished.

“Please try.  Don’t allow the stress to lock down your mind.  Follow my assignment, starting now if you need to.  Every single time you feel overwhelmed, I want you to think of me.  Touch yourself and imagine it is me.  Remember that you are mine, and I would not allow you to get bogged down with worry, so you shouldn’t either.”  His words reverberate through my mind before He kisses me again, this time wrapping His arms around me and caressing my sore bottom.

After we complete our morning routine and we part to begin our workdays, He messages me: “You. Are. Mine.”  My heart fills with helium and floats away, and I spend the next hour in traffic, but completely carefree and smiling like a fool.

When I arrive at work, I remember my assignment.  I make my way to the restroom and apply the gel.  My clit burns and then swells, and I imagine His tongue circling me and igniting that fire deep inside me. When I feel moisture trickling out and down my thigh, I remove myself from the temptation of privacy, after cleaning up.

It doesn’t seem anything could get under my skin today.  My employees all notice my good mood, and enjoy guessing the reasons, several even tell me that I’m glowing.  I find a resolution to my missed deadline, and I don’t even get yelled at for the mistake (aren’t we always hardest on ourselves).  When I finally have a break, it is a little early for lunchtime, but I decide to get application #2 out of the way.

This time, as a apply the gel, it doesn’t burn as much, and the tingling seems to last longer. My engorged clit throbs a bit, and I feel an incredible urge to lessen the pressure.  I message my Sir to ask if I’m allowed to edge, if I promise not to come.  As I’m slowly circling my clit waiting for His response, my phone rings.  It’s Him!

“Hello, Sir.” I whisper into the phone.
“Hello, my naughty girl.  What are you doing right now?”
“Um… I’m touching myself the way you told me to, Sir.”
“Are you wet?” His voice is so low, and soft, and I’m sure He is imagining me touching my pussy.
“Yes, Sir.  Very.”
“Is your clit erect?”
“Oh, Yes, Sir.”
“I want you to slide two fingers inside your pussy and circle your clit with your thumb, like I would,” He orders, His voice getting raspy.
“Oh, God, Sir…” It feels so good, almost like it is Him.
“Now, push your fingers in and out, fast.  Fuck your pussy.”
I’m moaning softly and clenching my muscles, my thumb hits my clit with each upstroke and I start doing it harder and harder.
“Put down the phone and smack your clit 10 times.”
I do as I’m ordered, spanking my clit quickly and firmly and I feel myself quiver.  I pick up the phone and beg, “Please Sir, may I come, Please?”

“No. Stop touching yourself,” He commands.  “You’re just too quick, dirty girl.”

I sigh and withdraw my hand, squeezing my thighs together to calm the crescendo that was building inside of me.  I may have whimpered a little before I mumble, “Yes, Sir.”

He hears my pause.  He knows me and feels what I feel.  He whispers into the phone, “Are you my dirty little slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”
“And what do dirty little sluts get?”
“Lots of sex, Sir.”
“What kind of sex?”
“The naughty kind, Sir.” I’m whispering as well, I don’t know why, no one can hear me, but it feel so wrong to talk like this over the phone.
“Oh yes, sweet girl.  The best, naughty kind.”

I hear Him sigh and realize He must also be completely turned on right now.  Maybe He wants to take me further?  Maybe He is just as frustrated as me?

“Take off your panties,” He grumbles into the phone. “I want you soaking wet when you get home.  I want you to call my Mom and ask her if they want to keep the boy overnight. Then I want you to go back into the bathroom, and call me back.”

“Yes, Sir.”  I pant, my mind spinning with desire.  I hear the line click and decide not to even leave the restroom.  I remove my panties, shoving them into the pocket of my skirt.  I dial my Mother-In-Law and have a conversation that I’m sure I will barely remember.

When I call Him back, my muscles are clenching with impatience.  I don’t even wait for Him to speak, “She said yes.  They will pick him up from school… Sir.” My breathing is fast and shallow, waiting for His dominance.

“How much time do you have left of your lunch?”
“Um, about 10 minutes, Sir.”
“I want you to lean your back against the door, slide your hand into your blouse and pinch your nipples.” I suck in a thin breath as I obey.
“Now, lift your skirt, spread your legs and rub your clit hard until I say stop.”

As my fingers find my engorged clit again, I moan softly while pushing and kneading the swollen knob.  “That’s it, my sweet little slut, let me hear you enjoying it.”

The sound of His voice in my ear makes me picture Him standing in front of me, watching me pleasure myself, while sliding His own hand over His thick, hard cock.

I gasp a little and moan again before he tells me to stop.  I whine but pull my hand away, completely His to command.

“I want you to slide down the door and sit on your heels, with your knees spread wide.”
“Okay, sir,” I breath, after lowering and opening myself to Him.
“Hold the phone down at your knee and spank your pussy again…  15 times.  Don’t Come.”

The first blow sends a jolt through my body.  The second and third are too light and I hear Him say, “Harder.”  It is so much more sensitive in this position, but I lay the next 10 swats as hard as I can and then finish with two lighter ones.  When I pull the phone back up to my lips, I’m whimpering and panting.

“Such a bad girl. I bet your pussy is bright pink and so, so wet.  Slide your fingers inside like I would.  Let me hear you finger fuck your cunt.”

I moan at His words and push my fingers in while lowering the phone. It feels so wrong. I feel like such a slut. As I push in and out, faster and faster, I don’t think I can stop the waves that are building.  I pull the phone to my mouth and whine, “Please, Sir, please…”

“Not yet, nasty girl, I’ve got 3 minutes. Pinch your clit and pull it.”  I gasp as I follow His command. “Now rub it, hard, in circles.” I’m so lost in the pleasure, I don’t even realize it’s me doing it. My hand feels detached from my body.  I imagine Him watching me again, guiding my fingers, His beautiful dick right there in front of me.  I feel myself quiver and quake.  “Now, fuck your pussy again, hard.”

“Sir… I’m going to come.” He knows I can’t stop it in this position.  I bear down to hold myself on the edge, my fingers sliding in and out and my thumb jamming against my clit.

“Do it, slut.  Come all over the floor,” He growls and I let go.

I come apart and drop the phone so I can cover my mouth to muffle the noises involuntarily escaping my throat.  I stop touching myself, but remain in that position, riding the aftershocks and steadying my breathing.

When I pick up the phone and breath, “Thank You, Sir. Oh, thank You!” He chuckles and tells me how much He loves listening to me. “The noises you make are incredible, Sweet Wife.”

“Now, maybe that will keep you from having to touch yourself until your last application.” His breath is slightly shallow, but His deep voice is so in control, so powerful.  “Go back to work.  I hope you can eat your lunch while you’re working. I’ll speak to you in a few hours.”

After cleaning and collecting myself, I return to my desk and go through the motions of my job with ease.  I seem to move through the rest of the afternoon as though I’m hypnotized. Easily finishing one task after the next. Perhaps we should spend every lunch break like that!

At 5pm, I quickly collect my things and make my way to the restroom for my final application.  I call Him before I do it and I hear His smile when He answers, “Hello, Sweet Girl.  How was the rest of your afternoon?”

“It was lovely, Sir.  Easy as pie!” I giggle and pull out the the little bottle. “I’m just getting ready for the last part of my assignment.”

“Oh?  You think that’s the last of it? Hmmm, well, go ahead then.  Did you put it on?”
“Just now, Sir.”
“Rub it in good.”
“Ah… Yes, Sir.”
“Does it sting?”
“It burns and tingles a bit. And now my clit is swelling up, and is really sensitive.  …Sir.”
“Does it hurt to pinch it?”
“Mmmmm, no Sir.”
“How would it feel if I sucked on it?”
“Oh… I… It would feel intense, I’m sure.”
“Get your sweet ass home and we’ll find out!” He growls deep into the phone.  “But keep me on the phone, I want to make sure you stay all wound up in the car.”

…to be continued in The Assignment – Part 3.

D/s Married, Fiction

Heat – Part 1

I am sweating, with the ‘Indian Summer’ sun blazing down on me at 7:15am. The heat is unreal, but I push myself to continue. Walking usually helps me get centered, and I especially enjoy walking on the weekends, when I have extra time to enjoy nature. This morning, though, I’m cursing myself for not limiting my miles, knowing it was going to be a scorcher. But, as Fionna Apple is crooning in my ears about being an ‘Extraordinary Machine’, and I’m propelled forward, strong and capable.

When I arrive home, I hear my Sir on the phone and peak in to see what my favorite guys are up to. My little one is practicing writing and begs me to come look when he sees me. As I pass, Sir comments that it must be hot outside, winking at me. I smile and blush, knowing that I’m a sweaty mess. After I help my son with his project for a moment, I step into the kitchen to refill my water bottle.

As I gulp down the icy cold refreshment, Sir sneaks into the kitchen behind me. I finish my drink, and He lays His hands firmly on my shoulders, guiding my arms down and forcing me to set down the bottle. He pushes His body against my back, moving me forward so that my belly and thighs are flush with the island in front of me. His hands are on top of mine, on the counter, and His hot breath finds my ear.

“Go upstairs, strip out of those sopping wet clothes, take a long, relaxing soak in the tub, and don’t get out until I come to get you.” His lips part against my sweaty neck while His hands slide up my arms, over my breasts, and down my sides. His fingers find their way down my tummy, over the front of my pants to my pussy. He glides His fingers back and forth over the fabric a couple of times before stepping back, leaving me panting.

I stand paralyzed for a moment before His hand lands hard on my ass and He growls, “Go, now!” I glance back to see Him grinning at me, His eyes full of desire. Oh my!

As I sashay upstairs, I suddenly feel incredible. The exhaustion and tightness I felt just a few moments ago has melted into a delicious anticipation throughout my body. But as soon as I reach our bedroom, I reconsider my excitement. Our son is home and rarely takes naps anymore, so the likelihood of any afternoon delight is very slim.

I plunk down next to our garden tub, cranking the faucet and telling myself that a whole day of anticipation will only make our play time this evening that much more thrilling. As I strip out of my sweaty shorts and tank top, I catch a glimpse of my reflection. I slowly slide out of my sports bra, skimming my palms over my nipples and down over my soft belly. I’ve learned to love my body over the past months, reveling in my femininity. Celebrating the curves of my hips and the fullness of my breasts. I so enjoy the expression on my Husband’s face when He watches me undress in front of Him each night. I picture what He might look like now, watching me touch myself, thrilled with the sight.

Feeling wanton and slutty for fantasizing about my Sir while He plays with our son just below me, I slip out of my panties and mimic the movement His fingers made over my pussy just moments ago. I lift my other hand to my nipple, pinching and pulling it, just as He would. I gasp at the sensations and decide to stop before I get myself into trouble.

I sink into the bubbles and inhale the lovely scent I chose, sweet and floral. Sexy. I lay back, close my eyes and allow the water to sooth me. After soaking a while, I shampoo my hair, carefully rinsing all of the suds with fresh water. I scrub and shave, making sure that I’m smooth all over. I love the feel of my pussy under the hot water and have to remind myself again that I’m not allowed to masturbate.

My clit aches and throbs under the water as my willpower wanes. I scrub my heels again, trying to telepathically beckon my Sir to come get me. Willing Him silently to slide His hand beneath the water and touch me. I try to push the thought away, lying back and drying my hands so that I can put in my earbuds and listen to some music as I soak. Poe fills my head with ‘Hey Pretty’, the long version. Oh no, that won’t work, far too sexy. I scroll through my library, searching diligently for something unsexual.

I opt for a lovely song, ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ that reminds me of friends I don’t know anymore, and the melancholy thought works to drive the sexual thoughts from my mind. When the song ends, I realize my bubbles are gone and the water is tepid. I hope my Sir lets me get out before it gets too cold.

With that thought, I open my eyes and glance toward the doorway. He stands there watching me, His eyes filled with heat and lust. I feel my cheeks flush and I suck in a quick breath.

“Well, Sweet Girl, have you enjoyed your soak?” He smirks, walking toward me and kneeling beside the tub.

“Yes, Sir.” I exhale, wondering if He is going to touch me.

He leans in to brush His lips against mine, “Is there anything you need to tell me?” He grins.

“Yes, Sir. I touched myself, but I didn’t masturbate. I promise,” I whisper, hoping our son is still downstairs.

“Let’s just see,” He breathes as He slides His hand beneath the water right to my clit. He circles it with His thumb, and slides His index finger into me. I gasp and moan quietly, then whimper as He pulls His hand away, satisfied that I was truthful. “Good girl,” He growls.

“Now, get yourself out and ready, we’re going to take our son out this afternoon. Wear that red blouse that I like, with the lacy red bra.” He smiles down at me, finding my pout amusing. “And a skirt. Wear a skirt today, Sweet Wife, so I can have easy access to that pretty pussy of mine.”

Oh geez. This is going to be a long afternoon!

As I dress, I opt for a white denim skirt. I had already chosen a red lace thong, and worried that it might show through, I consider changing, but thoughts flash of undressing in front of my Sir later that evening. He loves that part of the evening, and slipping out of my skirt to show off a pair of white cotton panties does not strike me as exciting. After I finish dressing, I stare at my reflection. Can you see them? Is it obvious?

I decide the denim is too thick, and if anyone can see, they are looking too close and deserve to glimpse my naughty, red panties. I blush at the thought and it makes me instantly wet.

After slipping into a pair of red, peep-toe sandals, I make my way downstairs to find my Sir and make sure He approves. He is sitting on the sofa, and His eyes grow wide, taking me in from head to toe. I’ve worn my hair half up, cascading in curls over one shoulder. The red, cold-shoulder blouse, open just enough at that chest to give an idea of the lovely demi-cup bra lifting my breasts beneath. It is tucked in, and my skirt covers just enough of my thighs to be suitable for a family excursion, but reveals my smooth, muscular legs, which look especially sexy in kitten heels.

He stands and walks over to me, reaching down to clasp my hand and guide me to turn around. A lovely rumble of appreciate escapes His throat, and He pulls me into His embrace so that His lips are at my ear. “Sweet Wife, you could not look any sexier if you had come down here nude!” His voice full of lust, his cock stiffening against my hip. I find myself wet again and nearly panting in His arms. I try to pull away for some reprieve, but He holds me tightly and growls in my ear, “I know you’re soaking wet under that skirt. I can’t wait to slip my fingers inside you and lap up those sweet juices this evening.”

Oh holy shit, I may have convulsed, my breathing is heavy and fast, and as he releases me, I have to steady myself against the wall to keep my knees from giving out. How does He know exactly what to say all the time?

Once I regain my composure, I follow Him into the kitchen and ask Him what our plans are for the afternoon. Our boy runs in from the dining room to tell me we are going out to lunch and shopping. “Then Grandma is having us over for PASTA! And she wants me to spend the night!” He is jumping up and down, and I’m tempted to join Him. Knowing that my Sir has planned this all, I glance over at Him to see an almost evil grin on His lovely face. I feel the heat fill my cheeks again, and that lovely burn travels all the way down my meridian.

“That sounds like fun!” I say to my little boy, “Do you already have your bag packed?”

He nods at me excitedly, “Yeah, Daddy helped me. We’re just waitin’ on you!”

“Ok, well let’s go then!” I laugh, glancing at my Husband adoringly. He reaches out and holds my chin while stepping in to kiss me. “Thank You, Sir,” I whisper as He turns me around to follow our son. As we walk slowly down the hallway, he slides His hand beneath my skirt and between my thighs.

“I sure hope these are red,” He breaths into my hair from behind as his fingers stroke the lacey fabric between my legs. He breaks away just as quickly and leaves me reeling once again. “Let’s go, Sweet Wife. We have a full day ahead!” He chuckles as I glance back at Him, wide eyed and open mouthed. We sure do! 

We eat lunch at our little one’s favorite restaurant, indulging him in several arcade games after and then head off to Target. I browse leisurely through clothes and shoes while my guys venture off to the toy department. I try on several pairs of shoes, texting a picture of a particularly sexy pair of heels. They are patent leather, 6″ spike heels with a chrome band around the bottom, and look like something a stripper might wear. “Buy them,” He texts back, making me smile. After browsing lingerie and books, I catch up with them looking at movies.

Sir peers into the cart while I lift up a jacket I found for our son for his approval. He nods and I motion into the cart where a sheer black nightie lays on top of the shoes. He raises His eyebrows. “No?” I question, not wanting to misinterpret His signals. “Oh, yes, wife. Absolutely!” His lips curl into that wicked smile once again. “You can model the whole outfit for me later.”

The store is hot, and I feel the sweat prickling the back of my neck. I fan myself with my hand as we make our way to the check out. I start to pull the clip from my hair so that I can twist it up to get it off my neck, but I catch His eye and He shakes His head. I fix it back to its original style with a little pout. He leans toward me and says very quietly, “If it’s bothering you, you may put it up. But I will reward you later if you leave it down for now.” Mmmmm…

Our son, completely oblivious to anything going on between His parents, is anxious to finish checking out. Excited and happy, he babbles about how much fun this weekend is. He glances at the candy longingly for only a moment, but Sir walked off to the front of the store. My little boy rarely asks me anymore if I will buy him something, he knows that his Daddy decides those things.

I often wonder if he finds it strange that I don’t give him permission to do or buy things. I often worry what that looks like to him. But it’s moments like this, where he is so joyful that set my mind at ease. He hugs my hips, and smiles up at me. “I love you, Momma!”

“I love you too, Angel!” I say, grinning down at him, feeling that glorious emotion that only a Mother knows. After we pay, he helps me by carrying one of the bags, and we stroll towards the entrance searching out his father.

He’s coming toward us an iced coffee and an ICEE, when our little one shouts, “YES! You ROCK, Daddy!” I laugh as He hands me my drink. I know that our son will only take a few sips of the other frozen drink, so his excitement amuses me. The ICEE is more for Daddy than son. But I concede, “You do rock, Daddy!” Smiling up at him as we walk out of the store.

I love the example He sets for our son, being kind and generous, but firm about the details that elude so many parents. He guides us and disciplines us so that we are always on the same path.

When we arrive at the Grandparents home, my ‘baby’ boy surprises me by unbuckling his seat belt and opening the door by himself, rushing out to greet Grandpa in the garage. As I unbuckle my belt, my Sir lays his hand on my thigh and leans towards me, letting his fingers slide beneath my skirt and entirely too high for our proximity to His parents.

“I can’t stop thinking about those panties, Sweet Girl, so when we get inside, I want you to go to the restroom and take them off so you can give them to me.” His voice is low and raspy. I don’t even have time to respond before he exits the car.

He sees that I’m not getting out, and saunters over to my side to open the door for me. Taking my hand, He pulls me out of the car, and slides His hand up my behind to the small of my back, guiding me firmly inside.

When we enter, He gives me a determined look. I open my eyes wide, trying to tell Him telepathically that I’m not comfortable with this.

He walks past me, leaning in to grumble, “Not a request. Do it now!” Oh, …shit!

I make my way to the bathroom, chatting nervously with His mom as I pass. Once inside, I focus on my task. I force myself not to think or worry, I just slide my panties off, use the toilet, wash my hands and fold up my thong.

When I open the door, He’s standing there, as promised. He steps toward me and grabs the wad of fabric, pulling them to his nose. As he breathes in my most intimate scent, he presses Himself against me.

“Good, good girl. Now, go help my mom.” He chuckles, pushing me out of the doorway. I stand there as He starts to close the door behind me, temporarily unable to think. “Go, now, or I’ll pull you in here and spank you!” He says, smacking my ass.

I’m so wet, I can’t even contemplate sitting down. I walk slowly into the kitchen and ask His mom of I can help with anything.

“Are you alright, you look flushed?!” She says, staring at me in concern.

“Oh, I’m just warm. Can you believe this heat?” I blubber as I fan myself with my hand. She jabbers on about this and that, but all I can focus on is the apex of my thighs, the thought of what she would say if she knew I was standing in front of her without panties, the look on her face of she had any clue what her son would do to me tonight. These are not good thoughts to have during family time.

My Husband sits next to me at dinner, calm and smooth, effortlessly enjoying the conversation. Every few minutes, His hand falls on my thigh, squeezing, kneading, getting closer and closer to that sweet spot that throbs for His touch. I shift my legs apart, pulling my skirt a little higher, to give Him better access, but He doesn’t try. He eventually pushes my knees together, realizing his teasing is taking its toll.

After we clear our plates, our boy is settling in to watch a movie with his Grandpa, and my Sir announces that we are going to go. I offer to help clean up, but am awash with relief when she tells me no.

“You two go enjoy yourselves. You look so nice today, I figured you must have plans tonight!” She smiles at me approvingly. Oh, if you only knew, Mom!

As I slide into the car, He leans in to buckle my seat belt, then slides His hands up the inside of my leg, pulling them apart and slipping His fingers into my slit. I gasp and He growls, “Mmmm, you’re so wet you naughty girl.” He quickly stands and closes the door.

After He pulls out of the driveway, He glances over at me. “Recline your seat about halfway,” he commands, and I instantly comply. “Unbutton your blouse…two buttons.”

I pull apart the two buttons covering my bra and open my shirt so that He can see the pretty, lacy, red fabric barely covering my nipples. I don’t even consider who else might be able to see as we drive through a fairly populated area.

I watch His reaction when he glimpses my erect nipples, peaking through the fabric. I notice His breathing change, which makes me even more excited. I slide a finger under the fabric but His hands stops me and He slips His own fingers inside the cup, pulling it under my breast. He runs His fingers over my nipple and then repeats the circuit on the other side.

I’m panting and moaning softly as He focuses His attention back on the road. “Pull up your skirt, I want to see that wet pussy,” he grunts. I look out the windows, nervous about who may be watching. We’re getting on the highway when he growls, “Now….”

I shift my skirt up around my hips, exposing my smooth, juicy lips beneath. His hand slides in between my legs and over my slit. “Mmmmm…”

I’m moaning, desperate for more. Desperate for His fingers on me, inside me. Desperate to feel more of Him.

I spread my legs apart further, his fingers rub my swollen clit causing low, lusty sounds to rise from my throat. “Oh, Sweet Wife, I do love the sounds you make,” He breathes.

I whimper as He pulls His hands away. “I want you to touch yourself. Like you would if you were alone.” I look over at Him, surprised. He normally doesn’t like me to masturbate. But I see insistence on His eyes.

I slide my fingers over my dripping pussy, slipping my first two fingers to either side of my clit. I find my rhythm and look over to watch my Sir as I ride the waves of pleasure I’m giving myself.

I see a truck next to us with, a pretty young woman in the passenger seat is staring at me through my Sirs window. I don’t care and just keep moving my fingers, bringing my other hand to my nipple as I focus on my Sir’s face. I feel the eyes of both people in the truck next to us but don’t care.

“You enjoy being watching, you naughty little slut?” He growls, shifting His growing erection with His left hand and smiling over at me. I giggle, closing my eyes and feeling my cheeks flush, but then moan again as His right hand finds and tugs on my hard nipple.

I open my eyes again to look out the window and see the driver of the RAM truck staring at me. The woman has her hand over her mouth and I smile at her, giggling again. My Sir never looks, splitting His time between watching me and the road.

“Sir, do you think this might be dangerous?” I whisper breathlessly, slowing my assault on my clit.

“Are they watching you? Do you think they are turned on?” His voice is raspy and low, and I wish for a moment that He would pull over and fuck me like a whore on the hood of His car.

I look out His window again but don’t see the woman. The man is watching me intently, and then I realize the woman’s head is in His lap. I giggle and close my eyes, ramping up the speed again.

“I think, Sir, that I just managed to get that fellow a road job!” I say, half giggling, half moaning, feeling the waves rising as I concentrate on that little button that brings me to the edge of the world.

I start to moan louder when I hear, “Don’t Come. That’s mine.” I stop completely, knowing I’m about to tip off that edge and fly.

“Spank it.” He growls in a very low voice. I look at Him and swat my pussy softly, whimpering. He’s turning off the highway, we’re almost home. “Again, harder, five times.”

I spank my lips hard, four times and when the fifth blow lands strongly on my clit, I cry out as my nerve endings fire and throb. “Please Sir, …please.” I beg, needing more or release or something I cannot articulate.

Just then, I notice that He’s unbuckled His seat belt and we are parked in the garage. “What are begging for, naughty girl? What is that you want?” He rumbles, moving closer to me.

“I… Sir… More, Sir, Please?” I stammer, squeezing my legs together to try to get some friction.

“You want to spank yourself some more?” He says, amused.

“Uh… No, Sir.. You, Please!” I whine, clenching my fists to keep myself from pulling His hand to my crotch.

“Hmmm…” He slides His right hand up my leg to my thigh and then back down again, teasing me, and sending chills down my body. “Oh, Please, Sir….” I beg again, writhing in the seat, willing Him to touch me where it matters. To grab it, hit it, knead it, or whatever He wants to do to it. It is His.

He continues to touch me, everywhere except my pussy. I’m whining and whimpering with each stroke, when finally His left hand finds a nipple and I gasp. He pinches it and lowers His mouth to the other while His right hand makes its way to my neck. He holds me still as a moan and arch against His tongue. He bites me, and I cry out and then moan again as He sucks and pinches and pulls. His actions seem to send lightening down to my crotch and I’m squeezing my muscles and thighs and start rocking my hips, finally finding a tiny bit of friction on my clit.

He continues tormenting my breasts, murmuring how much He loves them and how wonderful the noises I’m making sound. If He keeps going, I’m going to explode. “Sir, …I need…” The waves are building and pulsing. I clench in an attempt to stop them, He sees that I’m not letting go and slows to a stop, but keeps His hand on my throat. He told me not to come. I will not come.

“You’re a sweaty mess again, you dirty little girl.” He breathes against my lips, teasing me in the worst way, withholding His kiss. “Collect yourself, then get in the house and get us a drink.” He demands, pulling away and adjusting Himself.

His dick is fully erect and must be uncomfortable trapped inside His tight jeans. I stare and feel His eyes on me. “You’re not collecting yourself, and as much as I love seeing you sitting there, exposed, frustrated and wanting to free my cock, it’s much too hot to keep going out here.” He puts a finger under my chin to guide me to look at His face.

“Move now, or your ass will regret it!” He growls, making my clit jump.

…to be continued in Part 2.